Who can profit of our service?

  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Clean rooms for drug production or cell therapy products


Services offered by LDM


General services

  • Formation in the domain of microbiology upon specific customer requests
  • Auditing activities in the domain of microbiology
  • Setup and definition of the monitoring and sampling plan
  • Sampling (Areas and frequency)
  • Consultancy and scientific support for specific customer problems
  • Particle counting

Analytical activity

  • Total microbiologic counts (including yeast and molds)
  • Isolation and identification of microorganisms (classical and molecular methods)
  • Antibiogram
  • Definition of the minimal inhibitory or bactericide concentration
  • Test for the presence of mycoplasma (classical and molecular methods)

More for environmental monitoring:

  • Air microbiologic count
  • Surfaces and personnel microbiologic counts
  • Sterility controls performed in clean rooms in accordance of the GMP guidelines
  • Limits of "alert" and "action"
  • Answers to the limit deviations
  • Development and validation of analytical methods
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