Environmental microbiology

What is environmental microbiology?

In the industrial productive areas, in particular in the pharmaceutical and nutritional domain, it is of fundamental importance to minimize the risk of microbiologic contamination. As function of the process and of type of production, every operative structure must follow its own control standards referring to GMP guidelines, to pharmacopeia and to existing internal guidelines.

In this context, microbiologic environmental controls help to monitor surfaces and air, allowing the detection in time of contaminants which could negatively influence the productive processes.


Our laboratory is in charge of delivering the analytical, technical and scientific support in the domain of environmental microbiology and guarantees high quality performances. Furthermore, upon specific customer request we can offer targeted solutions to every microbiological problem.


Our laboratory disposes of high qualified personnel and necessary instruments, the whole being managed by a solid quality system, authorized by METAS. LDM can guarantee a professional service to satisfy specific customer requests and to deliver also ad hoc solutions.

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